Camden School for Girls

Sandall Road Camden

As a parent governor and then a foundation governor, Seb Camisuli was part of the governing body for over twelve years.

During that period, Seb helped develop feasibilities for different aspects of the building from a new sports hall extension buildings to the sixth form block to smaller interventions like accessible lifts and facilities.

As part of the overall energy strategy and in collaboration with the parent community we managed to convince the school to install a large photo-voltaic array on one of the new buildings.

The 77-panel array allows for an 18 KW system. The installation was wholly funded by the parent community, which means that all the energy produced and all the benefits stay with the school.

There is potential for improving the energy performance of the school further. The overall thermal insulation of the building needs to be improved before additional systems such as heat recovery and heat plate exchangers are introduced.