Model Making

Project Model making Modelmaking is an integral part of our design process. The type of model depends on the stage of the design process. We produce conceptual models, sketch models, mock-ups and 3D printed models with varying degrees of detail. We are up-to-date on the latest modelmaking techniques and technologies and we also maintain our […]


Project Furniture There’s a solid link between the process of designing furniture and the process of designing the buildings in which that furniture is placed. Furniture is architecture on a smaller scale. Furniture and architecture are both used by people. They are both concerned with structure, form and function, geometry, materials, health and safety, energy, […]

Garden Spaces

Project Garden Spaces Lots of clients increasingly find they need additional spaces that are somewhat separate from their home. We’ve been asked to design spaces for storage, spaces for making things, spaces where guests can occasionally stay overnight and spaces for teenagers. Working from home remains the norm for many and with the prospect of […]

Garden office, Ospringe Road

Project Garden office, Ospringe road Location Camden, London Many garden rooms are a simple box, but this project had to be different because of the odd shape of the garden. We combined the geometry with a raw exposed timber structure to create an interesting garden office space. The oversized stud work wall is clad in […]

Escape House

ProjectEscape House This is our concept for a low-carbon home that complies with Passivhaus requirements. It uses a pre-fabricated modular system to keep costs down and the aim is to build a family house for £100K. We are working hard to get the first one off the ground and hopefully build many more.